About us

Hi all.

My name is Aaron Holesgrove (@aholesgrove on Twitter) and I’m a web developer based in the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I’m also the Editor for the OzNews brand of websites, currently consisting of OzTechNews.com, OzGadgetNews.com and OzGamingNews.com.

I’m an avid reader of multiple tech blogs on a daily basis and I’m finding myself wanting to talk about the things that I read and learn by following the daily news in tech, get past the BS that gets spun quite a lot and call things like I see them.  I travel a lot and my opinion pieces tend to be written on a phone whilst I’m either mile high in the sky or sitting on a train or something.

My motivation to create this blog then is not to be a “one stop shop” news source, but rather to collect articles together, link to other blog entries that I find interesting and relevant to what I’m noticing in tech and then put all the info together to let you, the reader, decide for yourself what is true, what is right and what is the complete opposite.  Also, I try to give a perspective on how the technology industry is perceived from outside the US and do so from a country that is notoriously neglected when it comes to getting the cool stuff when it first comes out.

I find myself writing a lot about Microsoft, Apple and Google lately – this is for no other reason other than the fact that those two companies seem to be doing the most to shape the next tech trends and how we will behave and interact with computes in general.

I get asked a lot which side of the Apple vs Microsoft side I sit on – the answer is neither.  I think they are both fantastic companies and yet are both evil.  I love this quote – “some power corrupts some, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. It is so true and so relevant to the tech industry.

In terms of what I do each day – I’m a ColdFusion developer and I have worked on a lot of projects over the years, moving around as a contractor.  I spend my days using Windows 7 PC’s and Macs, I have two phones (one for each hand) – an iPhone 4 and an HTC Desire HD, I develop with Adobe software, collaborate with Google Apps and use Microsoft software to design and build databases.  So you could say I use a mixed bag of technologies as such.

I have zero interest in proving my tech cred or whether I’m better than the next person.  I just go about my stuff.

All opinions are purposely politically incorrect.  All views are editorial free and expressed purely in amazement at how something can be either really awesome or really effed up.  If you like it, I like you.  If you don’t like it, by all means read something else.

I like to promote discussion about tech issues and I encourage people to contact me either through the comments of the articles, via email or Twitter to keep the conversation going.

Drop me a line if you want to talk – always happy to do so.