Approved Work Plan of the Commission on Science and Technology

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With the aim of articulating adequate work with institutions and bodies linked to science and technology in our country, the Committee on Science, Innovation and Technology unanimously approved the work Plan for this legislative period.

“Our premise will be the search for strengthened institutional networks that have the capacity to effectively coordinate their activities at the local, regional and national levels.To do this, it will be necessary to develop and consolidate a national system of Science, Technology and innovation that will enable us to make progress in this area,” said Commission President Francesco Petrozzi Franco.The work Plan foresees that for an effective development of Science, Technology and innovation (CTI), it should be strengthened in those strategic areas where Peru has comparative advantages, such as biotechnology, genomics, Material Science, Environmental Sciences and clean technologies for SMEs, among other aspects.

Another of the objectives mentioned is the promotion of the development and application of science, innovation and technology to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the country, contributing to the construction of a just, supportive and inclusive society through initiatives and projects assigned to it. Similarly, political control and control within the scope of its competence.

It also proposes to develop policies of permanent articulation with Concytec and other bodies and entities linked to science, technology, and technological innovation; to promote the formulation or reform of legislation, such as strengthening the legal framework that allows scientific research, among other aspects that will be implemented and promoted during the legislative period 2019-2020.

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