Continue to work on strategic planning to reorder transport

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The Ministry of Public Works, chaired by Romeo Rodriguez, said they continue to work on strategic planning to rearrange transport according to the needs of the population.

This strategy has been effective thanks to the study on mobility in the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador (AMSS), delivered by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

At the moment, on the subject of transport, we are making palliative measures. But in parallel with these actions, we are working on a plan that we hope to conclude in November.

In this sense, he said: “ordering transportation means more than increasing fines. We have the challenge of building a mechanism for the offender to pay for the obituary. For that, we must use technology, such as smart traffic lights and cameras that identify plates.

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly, to the point that today there are vehicles powered by electricity, liquefied petroleum gas, biofuels and hydrogen, while other sources of energy are being studied.

Against this backdrop, many gas stations worldwide must face new challenges, otherwise they are doomed to disappear.

In addition to selling fuels, they are obliged to diversify their supply of services to generate added value to consumers and at the same time profits.

Antonio Galva, president of the Latin American Commission of fuel entrepreneurs (Claec), said that 12 nations will meet from today to Saturday in our country to analyze and expose the situation they face in the face of new technologies and market demands.

The delegations participating in the meeting are from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Paraguay, among other countries.

The Congress will take place in the canton of San Carlos, Alajuela, and is the fourth time that it takes place in Costa Rica.

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