Data Experience Room the space to live in it

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The Chief Data Officer Day (CDO) Congress has created an original and innovative space within the Event; Data Experience Room, by the sponsors Anjana Data, Snowflake and Denodo. It is a place where professionals in the data sector will expose their latest technologies so that attendees can test them firsthand.

Data Experience Room is the most experiential concept of the event, designed for all professionals and entrepreneurs who want to start or increase digitisation in their companies, achieving a solid data exploitation strategy.

Among the technologies that will be counted in the Data Experience Room will be a solution for a government of real data, provided by Anjana Data, which will assist organizations in the implementation of its strategy promoting the democratization of data with the involvement of different roles in a focus on metadata.

This 5th edition of Chief Data Officer Day (CDO) will bring together more than 500 professionals to answer all the most frequently asked questions in the data World. To date, there are more than 20 confirmed speakers and 13 sponsors, including SAS, Denodo, Axesor, Experian or Information Builders.

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