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Margarita Cedeño opens development center

With the implementation of the community Technology Centre (CCT) 104, the fifth to be applied by the Maker methodology, Dr. Margarita Cedeño is committed to the integration of youth in the creation of technology under the dynamic “learning by doing”.

THE GUÁRANAS, Duarte, August 27, 2019.- The vice president of the Republic, Dr. Margarita Cedeño, headed this Tuesday the inauguration of the community Technology Center number 104 and the fifth in the modality CTC Maker (learning by doing), during an event in which also held a technological fair “Tech Day”, which had several stations of technological devices for use by the public.

With the implementation of the new CTC, the Deputy Commissioner contributes to the development of the inhabitants of the Guaranas, as it will guarantee them access to technological tools and quality training. In addition, with the learning of the Maker methodology you will have the opportunity to use the technology, create it and with it innovate solutions to community problems.

“In this center we have a productive and educational offer especially for you young people. Thinking of you that you can train in technical trades so that after you leave school or while you are in it you can produce your own income, but that is always to help you finish your studies and then you can also take a career linked to technology, especially you girls” ” said Dr. Margarita Cedeño when referring to the gender gap in the technological world, in mathematics and politics.

During a tour of the new center, the Vice-President and coordinator of the social policy Cabinet (GCPS), of which the CTC is a member, expressed to the young people her desire that the preparation they acquire will serve their well-being and future.

While at the opening ceremony, the CTC director, Claudio Doñé, said that with the opening of 104 of these centers, the Vice President tells the country that she has a commitment to the progress of the people and that she believes that technology is a way to include, reduce inequality and allow a person, regardless of their social class, to be able to enter the path of overcoming.

” The world has changed and those who do not have the opportunity to get on with that new world will unfortunately be left behind, and it is the Vice President’s commitment that no one should be left behind because they do not have access to the Internet, do not have access to the computer, ” he emphasized.

The CTC has spaces for digital production and manufacturing, recording studio and teamwork. From there, the Apptiva – T projects, digital travelers, includes, progresses in ICT, digital natives and Digital Citizen, linked to the government project Digital Republic, with which two thousand 213 young people will be impacted in the first year of operation.

The benefits of these projects will reach residents of El Play, the Vatican, El Limón, El Camú, La Palmilla, Las Mercedes, La Rivera, Los Rivera, Las Guáranas, Los Genao, Pueblo Nuevo, San Juan, urbanización Nuevo San Francisco, among others.

Makers of The Guáranas

Prior to the centre’s entry into operation in this community, a practical workshop on induction in Maker methodology was held, the delivery of which took place during the opening of the CTC. The youth also took the “get on ICT ” training, which aims to provide participants with basic skills that will enable them to use the computer and other devices productively, safely and responsibly.
Sign agreements

In the event, CTC signed an agreement with the UCNE that will allow students of technological careers from that university to carry out their professional internships in the new center, who access advanced training and international certifications, as well as the use of Community Stations of CTC.

Tech Day

At the technology fair called “Tech Day”, held from 9:00 in the morning, visitors participated in several workshops, including 3D printing, where they were able to design and create three-dimensional figures; also, in Arduino’s, to learn how this card works to create solutions in robotics and electronics; while in fact augmented they knew how this technology works and notions of its use to build mobile applications.

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