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On Friday, 13 September, a meeting entitled “enrichment of the teaching of technological education using ICT” will be held at the headquarters of the Concordia regional Faculty of the National Technological University (UTN), for teachers from the Federation, Feliciano, San Salvador and Concordia, at primary and secondary levels.

The activity is free of charge and is part of the Nexos program, funded for the second consecutive year by the University Policy Secretariat of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology. In this case it is carried out by UTN Concordia in conjunction with the Department of Concordia and Federación schools. This meeting seeks to create a bridge between the different levels and help strengthen space. Work will be done around teaching-learning models and resources in technological education using ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

On the day of September 13, from 8: 30 to 12 hours, it will be the turn for teachers of technological education at the primary level of Federación, Feliciano and San Salvador.; as well as for teachers of technological education at the secondary level of Concordia. From 14 to 17 hours it will be the turn for teachers of technological education at the primary level of Concordia. The meeting is complemented by virtual learning classrooms, is declared of educational interest and certificates will be delivered.

The teachers in charge will be the Lic Lorena Carina Chavez (Department of Schools of the Concordia), the Lic Julian Oscar Etcheverry (guest Teacher) and the Lic Veronica Alzogaray (UTN Concordia).

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