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While commonly referred to as” community alarms”, such systems operate on the basis of technologies and principles different from typical household alarms, whether monitored or not.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to define them as “community care and warning” systems, since they act on the premise that the best way to protect themselves is to do so in a community.

Community alarm systems are based on a cabinet that is placed on the public road, usually on a lighting post from which they take power, in the area of the dwellings whose inhabitants are part of the community that has decided to take care of each other. Each house has one or more remote controls, with which it is possible to alert neighbors to different types of emergencies.

The pillars of the operation of these systems are::

  • Prevent and persuade danger in the face of a suspicious situation.
  • Alert to a real threat of insecurity or violence.
  • Indicate a medical emergency.

Weeks ago, Big Dipper introduced a community alarm system under the Cygnus brand, which offers the possibility to add the monitoring of a specialized company (or police) by adding a GPRS module. It has the following components:

High strength metal cabinet, which contains the electronic system. It includes ventilation system, as it is intended to operate outdoors. Two loudspeakers and three light reflectors are attached to the Cabinet.

Remote controls: allow simple system drives with a range of 250 meters. They recommend keeping one inside the House, placing another in the car and having one in the pocket when going out on the street. The controls have four pressing keys, which produce different actions in the system: panic warning, medical emergency warning, play persuasion warning or turn on the system reflectors.

Voice honks: identify in spoken form which neighbor activated the remote control and its respective event (panic, medical emergency, persuasion). This makes it possible to make the best decision when it comes to helping him, either by a patrol or by an ambulance.

Blue indicators: indicate that the equipment is in operation and play a deterrent role. Blue LEDs titillate by recalling the color of police forces, thus achieving a deterrent effect, the manufacturer says.

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