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The Amazon jungle was on fire, and while one of the largest lungs on the planet was consumed by fire, much of humanity was expectant, with an enormous feeling of helplessness to act and found only one escape point on social networks. Today, much of the problems we will face as a civilization must be addressed with the use of technology, it will be in data science, in the use of AI, and in its application to the medium, where we will find the solutions, not on Facebook® or Twitter®.

Human beings have been inhabiting the planet for more than 300,000 years, and in what represents only less than 1% of the time of existence of this wonderful rock, we have practically exterminated more than half of its natural resources, caused the extinction of other species and approached a point of No Return regarding the lifestyle we have created, that fateful zero day for humanity.

It is worrying to see from the scientific and above all from the daily reality of our society an excessive increase in the temperatures of both hemispheres, thermometers that seem to mark permanently more than 30° centigrade even in the early hours and a summer that becomes almost eternal and eclipses autumn, winter and spring.

As an engineer, in the field of science, I have listed six major challenges to be addressed in the coming decades: adequate and sufficient food, universal access to drinking water, clean and renewable energy generation, access to functional and dignified housing, new means of mobility in urban environments and comprehensive clean-up of our oceans. Although there are many more challenges and problems in our environment, solving the greatest percentage of these six, we would guarantee better conditions in the quality of life of our and future generations.

Today converge various areas of technology with the model of “Programs” undertaken by governments; that although, without a doubt are for good causes, on many occasions become the phenomena that environmentalists, for purposes of propaganda or advertising.

One of the points where technology can make an important contribution is the energy issue. We must urgently put an end to dependence on fossil fuels, and to that end there are a number of technologies that could contribute to this objective. One of the most original and striking options is solar space energy. It would be a matter of placing solar panels in orbit around the Earth, with the possibility of driving that energy to the planet. The energy power would be very high, but it is necessary to find a way to take advantage of that potential and shift it to the Earth’s surface.

With the use of AI, we will be able to see more and more autonomous, electric and economic transport in the cities. In addition to the implementation of new mathematical simulation models that result in real-world processes to address problems such as overpopulation or the generation of new materials to combat the heavy heat.

Many advances in technology have been accused of causing the main problems of our times, but ironically, and fortunately, applying them correctly can also be their solution.

It is impressive to think how much electricity is required in the world to support only the infrastructure of the Internet, but it is also the Internet, the window that allows us to communicate and organize to attend to many of the problems that hurt the medium. The power of the network lies in its two main natures, immediacy and massivity, and with them two, we can be able to move society to a model of real awareness, in the use of Natural Resources, in the promotion of the culture of recycling or the conservation of the seas. But it is also the Internet that gives communication to research centers, active and passive sensors located throughout the planet, in the seas and in space, and creates a digital communication ecosystem that could allow us in the short term to identify problems and address them in a timely manner, there, when they still have a solution.

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