The evolution of Technology in the meat industry

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The material and machinery for the carnica industry are evolving in a very high way, at the same level as the suppliers and their tastes, always manage to incorporate new formats and products with a free service and manage to expand the products that have references that aim to improve the quality in them. In this article we will explain the evolutionary trend of the technology applied to the meat industry, with data above 5% in recent years.

Constant evolution

This meat industry is growing in the same way that society and its personal tastes evolve, always with the technology applied to this industry. This new way of proceeding has managed to report 5 % more quality and volume to the meat sector, as we are told by different analytical consultants.

To argue with data, we want to offer you the following examples: without going any further, in 2009 the meat industry trade managed to grow in quality by more than 9 %, surpassing the 2000 million euros in profits and the million tons in the export of the material. However, production in the same year fell both in volume and in prices, 8% in the first and 0.3% in the second.

The key sector

This sector is being a benchmark for the different markets in the sector and this is confirmed by objective data, which place the meat industry among the top five in the Spanish industry. We want to go back to the data for 2009 and there we put the profits at more than EUR 19 billion, which leads us to say that in the food industry, 20% of the turnover is achieved by the meat industry. Moreover, within the data on industrial GDP and total GDP of our country, it represents 14% and 2%, respectively.

Other interesting data from the meat sector relate to the jobs created. With the technology present in this sector, more than 90 000 jobs have been created directly, accounting for more than 20% of total employment in the food industry. Castilla y León is the community with the greatest presence of slaughterhouses, while the protection of cold stores and cutting rooms is of the greatest importance to the community of Catalonia.

We would like to conclude this article with the reflection that the meat industry has managed to evolve and apply technology to improve its products and to promote employment, quality and safety.

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