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Next month, Mexican official standard 035 will enter into force, which obliges companies to identify and prevent psychosocial risk factors among their employees, a process that may be easier with the use of technology.

The so-called NOM 035 was approved last year, it will enter into force from October 23, 2019 and if it is not complied with, there will be fines of up to 535,000 pesos. Psychosocial risks are those that can cause anxiety disorders, severe stress from work functions, or acts of violence at work.

He explained, speaking with EXCELSIOR, that NOM 035 will mean a greater workload for Human Resources areas because they must, depending on the number of employees, establish a new policy, adopt measures to prevent and control psychosocial risk factors and identify particular cases.

Use it

According to Lozano, My BeWell is a platform they launched six months ago with the aim of helping organizations, especially in the manufacturing industry, to have good communication with their collaborators.

The platform is designed for enterprises, particularly the medium and large, to keep track of your collaborators in regard to issues of health strategy as it can be nutrition, campaigns of well-being and added the requirements of NOM-035 through a survey.

On the employees ‘ side, they download an application in which they access these contents and can answer in a few minutes the survey on organizational climate, leadership, workload or violence.

“Once done, an algorithm is run and areas of opportunity are evaluated to modify and/or complement the company’s strategies,” said the assistant director.

He added that, at the moment, they have no competition, although there are already other suppliers working on the subject. With regard to cost, he indicated that there are several packages that depend on the functions to be activated on the platform and the number of employees.

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