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A space where stories live. That is what “light bulb”, the av application free the that no games, funny videos, or competitions of questions and answers, but yes universe varied so that the smallest of the family can enjoy. Incorporating digital tools, moving away from the position of only renouncing them, the Argentine society for managing actors performers (Sagai) launched the first free application of animated children’s stories read by Argentine actors and actresses. Short-lived and simple yet dynamic aesthetics, each of the children’s stories takes up the old habit of telling a story, adding to the always pleasant oral narrative animated and acting resources, of which the children are also part. “We want to bring the boys to the children’s literature since the digital tools that they use day to day”, explained to página/12 Tomás Fonzi, one of the many actors and actresses who gave voice and body to each one of the stories of argentine authors that are part of the “light bulb”.

11 Stories, 11 actors, 11 animations and 11 boys. That is the formula with which in this first stage “Fotquito” will seek to capture the attention of the girls and boys already trapped by those little slippers that-it seems – arrived to stay. In the age of audiovisual digesting much of the social, cultural and media life, the idea of developing an application in which literature is heard but also seen seems opportune. The intersection of short stories by National authors, narrated by Argentine actresses and actors who comment on them with children, while animation accompanies the story, finds in the app an interesting way to link technology and children’s literature, worlds that do not always seem to go hand in hand.

The catalogue of actors, short stories and authors for this stage of the release of “Fouquito” is composed by Leonardo Sbaraglia reading “Vida de perros”, by Isol; Tomás Fonzi with “La decisión de Teodoro”, by Irene Singer); Emilia Attias and “Hay días”, by María Wernicke; Ana María Orozco narrates “El insolito ascenso de Madame Pol”, by Nicolás Arispe; Rafael Spregelburd gives voice to “Petit, el monstruo, de Isol”; Julieta Otero with “CU CanguRo”, by Gabriela Keselman and Nora Hilb; Andrea Pietra gives intensity to “Ramón, the optimist”, by Lepe Rosental and Irene sexer; Eugenia Tobal does the same with Javier Peña’s “the monsters no longer scare”; Benjamín Rojas recounts” Doña Pocha va de compras”, by Pablo Zweig); Violeta Urtizberea recounts “surprise gift”, by Isol; and Julieta Ortega recounts “a year with Amanda”, by her own authorship.

” Our greatest ambition is that children can discover stories, characters, sagas and authors that stimulate them in reading but also in their own creativity, ” explains Fonzi, who intersperses her acting work with her role as alternate member of the Sagai Board of Directors. “We seek to entertain the younger ones but also to bring parents the tranquility of knowing that in the application their sons and daughters will find an environment of safe cultural offer, with content that has their own language and in the devices to which they have access,” he adds. “Light bulb” is accessible for download both for Android systems and IOS. In addition, the stories will be uploaded to their own YouTube channel.

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